Comedy and pain are much more closely related than it may seem Game 🎮

Comedy and pain are much more closely related than they may seem. According to some theories, humor is fundamentally a psychological response to suffering. Whatever the case is, it’s undeniable that humans find slapstick funny. Although it’s prevalent in the movie industry, the gaming 🎮  market is yet to catch up. Fans of this type of entertainment don’t have to wait any longer. Start a hilarious Kick the Pirate game online and have a blast. After the latest raid, a sailor took the booty and wasted it on booze. He’s returned to the ship blackout drunk and has nothing to say for himself. The only thing left to do is to punish him and empty his pockets. Punch, slap. shoot, cut, poke, and make the scoundrel regret his choices. Shake him down and use the coins to purchase additional instruments of justice.

Have a great time in this game! 🎮

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