Puzzle, Casual Game

Puzzle Game

“Adventure, Thrills, Challenges, Fun, Victory.”

In Fire and Water Balls, you control two elemental characters, Fire and Water, with a unique twist: they cannot get too close to each other. 

Love Tester

Indulge in the immersive world of the Love Taster Game, where you’ll navigate a web of emotions, make pivotal choices, and discover the depths of true love. 

Casual Games

“Escape to Fun: Your Ultimate Casual Gaming Adventure Awaits!”

Kick The Dummy

Kick The Dummy is a fun anti-stress game where you get to kick the dummy!

Kick The Teddy Bear

Kick The Teddy Bear is a fun anti-stress game where you get to kick a teddy bear. You can buy a multitude of weapons to use them against the puppet. Play Kick The Teddy Bear now for endless fun!

Kick the Zombie

Kick The Zombies is a fun anti-stress game where you get to kick a zombie. You can buy a multitude of weapons to use them against the zombie.

Car Racing Games

“Rev up the thrill with our Racing Cars Game

Highway Cars

Experience the ultimate racing adventure in Highway Cars, a top-down and front camera 3D game that offers not only thrilling races but also exciting car customization options

Embark on a thrilling racing adventure in this captivating furry game set in a vibrant city environment. 

Shooting Games

“Firepower, intense, tactical, combat.”

Mini Shooters

Mini Shooters is a fun 2D shooting multiplayer game where you can equip multiple weapons and fight in a deathmatch gameplay.

Mini Nova Shooters

“Mini Nova Shooters” immerses players in a futuristic battlefield filled with high-octane action. Command advanced weaponry, engage in epic battles, and explore a captivating sci-fi world. With stunning graphics and adrenaline-pumping gameplay, this mobile shooter game delivers an unforgettable gaming experience. Gear up and prepare to conquer the future!

Mister Bullet Gun

Mister Bullet Gun is an online game where you’ll be in control of a professional agent. His objective is to neutralize all of the enemies present in the level. 

Simulation Games

"Create, strategize, simulate, conquer."

Capybara Clicker Pro

Capybara Clicker Pro invites you to embark on a capybara-filled adventure where you wield the power of clicks to cultivate a thriving capybara empire. 

Vehicle Parking

Get ready to showcase your parking prowess in Vehicle Parking! Navigate through a variety of challenging levels that will test your precision and control behind the wheel. 

Adventure Games

“Embark on epic quests.”

Crazy Hill Climb

Experience the thrill of an adrenaline-fueled hill climb in this crazy animal car driving game. Collect coins, conquer 30 challenging levels.

In Feed the Panda, your goal is to satisfy the hungry panda’s appetite by cutting the ropes in the correct order. The apples are hanging on ropes, and you must strategically release them so that the treats fall towards the panda. 

Draw the Car Hills: Embark on an exciting journey where you draw the track line continuously to guide your car to the finish line. 


Experience the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat in our immersive sports games .

Car Football

Car Football is an exhilarating and action-packed video game that combines the thrill of football with the power and excitement of monster trucks. In this game, players take control of massive monster trucks on a 2D sideways-scrolling playing field.

In Snake Football, take on the thrilling challenge of soccer with a twist. Choose between facing off against the CPU or competing against a friend in Player vs Player mode. 

Action  Games

“Unleash action-packed mayhem.”

Kick The Pirate

Kick The Pirate is a fun anti-stress game where you get to kick a Pirate. You can buy a multitude of weapons to use them against the puppet. Play Kick The Pirate now for endless fun!

Kick The Monster TD

Prepare for an epic tower defense experience in Kick The Monster TD! As the defender of your kingdom, it’s your task to strategically place towers and unleash powerful kicks to defeat hordes of menacing monsters. 

Sandworm Robot

Embark on an epic sci-fi journey in Sand Worm, where you control a mighty sandworm through 30 challenging levels set in four unique environments. 

Shooting Game

“Thrilling, intense, gunfire, adrenaline.”

City Police Cars

City Police Cars is an enjoyable driving game that offers 30 exciting levels and stunning graphics. Experience the thrill of patrolling the city streets in various police cars. 

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neon  Games

“Sleek, neon, speed, futuristic.”

Galactic Traffic

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Neon Racer

Neon Racer is an amazing 2D driving game with challenging and fun levels it is an intense and fun platform game that combines platform gameplay together with motorbike stunt driving

Galactic Driver

Galactic Driver is a fun driving game where you race though 30 sci-fi levels. You can buy new vehicles in garage and upgrade them!

Car Racing Games

Racing Cars

Racing Cars is an awesome driving game where you customize a car and control it to reach first place! Race against AI cars and complete 30 levels for amazing fun!

Engage your puzzle-solving skills with Unblock Car, the ultimate sliding block challenge! Maneuver the vehicles strategically within a six-by-six grid to clear a path for the red car’s escape

Parkour Games

Parkour games are exhilarating virtual experiences that challenge players to navigate urban environments with fluidity, creativity, and precision, showcasing the art of movement and agility.

Speedrun parkour

Running is a big sport in athletics competitions such as the Olympics and professional runners have an unbelievable amount of stamina and will power.

Blocky Parkour Ninja

Ninja Blocky Parkour is an amazing 3d parkour game where you have to jump from platform to platform. The gameplay is like most racing games, but on foot and with obstacles. The end goal is to do as many stunts as possible while (sometimes) beating the clock.

Parkour block Pro

Blocky Parkour Pro: Experience the thrill of 3D parkour as you jump, leap, and navigate from platform to platform in this exhilarating game of precision and agility.
Parkour Block Pro

Drift Racing Game

Police Chase Drifter

Police Chase Drifter is the shining beacon of justice and order on our streets. Every day these individuals fight crime, save people’s lives and keep order in our cities. On the flip side, there are individuals who operate under the law and seek to cause chaos and mayhem – which side will you choose? 

F1 Drift Racer is a fun racing game with 20 levels, multiple car skins and a lot of fun! Play F1 Drift Racer now! Formula-1 racing game with a large selection of cars and many circuits. Start your career as a formula-1 driver and race your way to the championship!

Adventure Games

“Embark on a journey filled with mysteries and discoveries in our captivating adventure game.”

Draw The Truck Bridge

Draw The Truck Bridge is a fun game where you draw the path of trucks to their destination.
Draw around the screen and make you creative way out.

Draw the Bridge

Draw The Bridge is a fun arcade game player has to draw a path for the vehicles. To draw the bridge, you need to line over the open areas and your vehicle will go over them. there will be multiple vehicles in the same level make sure you don’t make them collide each other.

Draw The Car path

Draw The Car Path is a fun combination of parking and puzzle game where you draw the path of cars to their parking spot. Draw a route from the car to the parking lot. 

Truck Driving Games

“Hit the road and navigate diverse landscapes in our immersive truck driving game,

Cargo Jeep Racing

Cargo Racing is a fun driving game where you have to take your cargo to the destination without dropping it. It is a fun and realistic transport game in which you must deliver a series of dangerous cargos to various different locations. 

Jul Monster Truck Racing

Who doesn’t like monster trucks and their huge tires, burning rubber, and roaring engines? In these crazy monster truck games you can crush cars, perform stunts, and race other monster trucks.

other Games

Crazy Stickman Physics

Immerse yourself in the chaotic and laughter-filled world of this crazy stick man physics game. 

Car Parkour

Race cars at top speed above the city on different platforms, do stunts, or just drive where you’ll be driving next.! Select your car and customize. 

Space Run 3

In Space Run 3, navigate a floating, architecturally challenged area in space as a daring little alien. Your mission is to collect diamonds while avoiding the increasingly perilous holes. 

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