Mr. Jack vs Zombies is a fun puzzle and shooter game. This game has the best physics shooter game there is. Features: – 50 levels – amazing physics – beautiful graphics – challenging levels.

If you are an ardent fan of modern shooters and the aiming factor is in the first place for you, then Mr. Jack vs Zombies will definitely interest you. First of all, this game is not so much about the destruction of various opponents, but a logical project that will make you do your best to calculate the trajectory of a bullet.

Unlike a lot of similar games, Mr. Jack vs Zombies implements a very interesting shooting mechanic,
time to give them what they deserve.
How To Play :
The shooting mechanics are placed on the main mouse controls. Indicate the direction of the planned shot with the cursor, hold down the left mouse button, aim well, and release the left mouse button to fire. Pay attention to the line that only indicates an approximate bullet flight tracer. The game has activated the system of influence of gravity on the flight of a bullet and you need to take into account the complexity of the trajectory of the ammunition flight. However, this just sounds complicated. In fact, everything is much simpler and you will immediately learn how to correctly calculate your strength.
Let’s Play This Game:

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